Gi or No Gi?

I really love the group Women at War on Facebook. They posted this picture of Will Ferrell today and it made me laugh out loud. Does anyone know where the original photo is from? It also made me think about the articles I wrote about gender recently, so I wanted to post the picture and then discuss it a little bit.

Thanks - I'll take the gi!

Thanks – I’ll take the gi!

OMG SEXISM! DOUBLE STANDARD! (well, that’s what I’m expecting to hear). However, if you can’t recognize the difference between a cheesy, obviously  silly picture and a picture of a ring girl making love to the camera – then you are far too literal for me to understand and really, please move on. I was trying to think of a woman posing for this who could pose for this in a CLEARLY comedic rather than sexual shot – maybe Sherry O’Terry? Maybe Sandra Bernhardt?

Which woman, were she to pose for this photo, would elicit laughter from you?

  1. It would have to be a woman with intelligence and humor. Tina Fey and her signature smirk…maybe. But she is too good looking.

    I know…maybe Ellen Generes (sp?). Or Mary McCarthy?

    • Hahaha I thought the same thing about Tina Fey! I also thought about Ellen DeGeneres, and the more I think about it the more I think it could TOTALLY work.
      Kristen Schaal and Kate Micucci look SO AWKWARD but cute that it could work and not feel overtly sexual. I think Kathy Griffin could TOTALLY make it work and be so freaking silly about it.

  2. That’s a really interesting question. And it brings up another question: what conditions would have to be met to call a picture like the one above funny vs. sexy (or sexist, as the case may be)? Is it an issue of someone not being conventionally attractive? Is it that someone is known for being funny? What about a female comedian who was conventionally attractive but not known for posing for sexualized photos? Is it a facial expression? The tube socks?

    I ask these questions because just naming women whom we think it’d be funny to see satirical sexualized photos of seems to be a matter of our own contextualization. Let’s say that Martha Stewart set out with the intention of taking some super sexy pictures. Would it be our place to laugh at them simply because it’s Martha Stewart? If Martha Stewart intended for the photos to be sexy, does that make them so?

    What I find fascinating is that, in the case of the Will Ferrell photo, the comedic intention is totally clear. Is that purely because of his station in life (and the interactions we’ve each had with his career)? How much does his appearance have to do with our reaction?

    I don’t have the answers, but I do think the questions are worthwhile. Maybe I’m thinking too hard about this.

    • YES! That was my thinking. It was also why I mentally shied away from listing larger comedians – because it ends up often feeling like it’s fat shaming.

      Thanks for letting us ramble through your brain. I think you put down what I’d been thinking and kept in my head.

  3. Posting a little late(I was out of town): I think Jane Lynch(Glee) could pull it off…maybe Chelsea Handler. They both have the sense of humor to make it work.

    • Oooh nice one with the Jane Lynch suggestion. Chelsea Handler is pretty darn hot – so I wonder if it wouldn’t tip it from funny to sexy. But yes – Jane Lynch’s character from Glee would do that AWESOMELY, and even if she DID try to look like a sexpot, the comedy would show through.