BJJ Promotion Celebration!

A huge congratulations to newest brown belt, the “classy broad” SKIRT ON THE MAT! She earned her brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on August 30, 2012. CONGRATS!

Promotions are always exciting, sometimes a scary prospect for people, but still, important to acknowledge, especially since there are only four belts you can reasonably earn in BJJ. For me, I think it’s especially amazing that there’s yet another high ranked woman in BJJ – since there are so few of us as it is.

BJJ belts by Fenom Kimonos

I have a Fenom blue belt!

Congratulations! Any other promotions we should celebrate while we’re at it?

  1. I was promoted to Purple Belt on August 25th. Master Rigan Machado awarded me my belt at our academy. (Our instructor invited him to give a seminar.)